Campus Life

Hospital Food Centers:

      There are several food centers located throughout the campus. The two largest are the hospital cafeteria, located in the basement area of the main hospital building. Open from 6.00 a.m. until 6.00 p.m. they offer a variety of Thai, Chinese, and Muslim food. Most of the food is Asian-style fast food, so you can just look and point at what you want.

      Anything served in the food centers can be requested for carry-out (sai toong) In addition, they also offer menu and made-to-order dishes, but these can sometimes be difficult to order without the assistance of a Thai who speaks English or an English speaker who speaks Thai. There is a good chance, however, that such speakers are nearby and willing to help you. If no such helpers are handy, a simple drawing of what you want will often work. 

Convenience Store:
      If you are hungry all the time then 7-11 is your choice. These two places, the first is located in the basement area of the main hospital building and the second is in the Faculty of Nursing's Dormitory.

Coffee Shops:
      There are serveral coffee shops in the hospital food center.

Bakery corners:
      Two small bakeries are located in the hospital. The first one is the UFM Bakery on the basement floor just in front of the 7-11, with a good selection of bakery goods priced very inexpensively. The other one is S&P located nearby, with bakery goods and soft drinks.


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