Clinical Elective for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate

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The clinical elective program is offered to accommodate overseas medical students who wish to gain pre-clinical and clinical experiences at Sonklanagarind Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University.

  • To provide overseas students with the opportunities to obtain medical skills and knowledge, especially in diagnosis and treatment of the most common tropical diseases.
  • To provide overseas students with the opportunities to exchange opinions and views with Thai medical staff and students.  
  • To provide overseas students with the opportunities to learn from Thai medical experts. 
  • To provide overseas students with cultural exchange opportunities and enhance multi-cultural awareness

Working Hour:
      Students are generally required to meet at their respective departments at approximately 07.30 hours. Students will be expected to participate during their scheduled work time in accordance with the tasks indicated on their schedules. 

      In addition, students are expected to attend and actively participate in morning conferences periodically as part of their set schedule. This will give them an opportunity to learn more about differences and similarities in choices of treatment, regimes, and general medical objectives. We hope to broaden the students' knowledge regarding the diseases that might be common in Southeast Asia, but rare in their home country. 

      During working hours, we ensure that they will have the opportunity to participate or observe a variety of procedures specific to the department(s) they are attending. The Program for Overseas Students has been designed to most benefit individual students' needs. Students will be provided a complete description of goals they wish to achieve and actual outcomes. In addition, foreign students at PSU are encouraged to spend time independently learning about patient care practice with Thai medical students and residents. 

      Supervisors will be assigned from the relevant departments to specifically look after and monitor students. In particular, the supervisors will ensure that students adhere to the set program and achieve their desired goals.